I should’ve.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I should’ve hugged you a bit longer. 

I should’ve kissed your delicate lips for a few more seconds. 

I should’ve comforted you more than I think I did. 

I should’ve kept your tee on all the time. 

I should’ve bought your perfume and sprayed it all over my clothes. 

I should’ve held your hand more often. 

I should’ve taken that beating from my parents to spend a bonus time with you. 

I should’ve made you more of the food you liked. 

I should’ve looked into your eyes and told you how beautiful you are. 

I should’ve said something when I had the chance. 

I should’ve showed you how much you meant to me, when you were at arm’s length . 

I should’ve laid my head on your chest just to listen to your pure heart beat. 

I should’ve. But I didn’t. And now you’re gone.

When will I see you again, when can I drench your tee in my tears again.

When can I stop the tides of time to make more time for you again.

When can I grow a garden of lilies just to see the smile on your face.

When. Not now. Not then. When.

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