A Stolen Body

Photo by Life Of Pix on Pexels.com

A world left behind a world entered.

Who knew time could play tricks on my fragile little mind?

Be careful, stay strong, you’re about to enter a world, self – centred.

People aren’t exactly known to be concerned and kind. 

You’ll find some exceptions, a bunch defying the injected serum,

keep them close, let your guard down at your own will, 

this world’s a beautiful irony, it’ll hold on when you let go and snap when you stick like gum,

a cramp in my hand, a broken hope in my feet, as i freeze by the windowsill. 

It’ll be over soon, it’ll be like the wind blowing on your face,

with cuts and bruises tearing apart every ounce of flesh left,

and it’ll be the same wind, that’ll home your with eternal love, empathy and grace.

Funny isn’t it? how stealing my heart isn’t but stealing my body is a theft?

Draped and drenched, deep in the stink of my survival, 

undermining those who left me, as i fuel the power to leave me once more, 

my mind’s an unscheduled airport, it won’t question, your departure or your arrival,

I can imagine it. A sympathy show, a mad woman, gathering people to share her folklore. 

I’m a ship, safely anchored at the harbour, but that isn’t what they built a ship for,

never ending tales about the battles at sea, as the waves ring the death’s bell,

and here I am yet again, miserable in my irony. 

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