There’s always a certain feeling of tranquil when I pick up my camera and step out. Unplanned walks through the streets of Toronto early in the day or late in the evening, there’s always something new to see, to capture and to experience. I believe words and pictures when woven together, create indestructible art. I invite you to dive into this miniscule world with me and discover the art of photography from an entirely divergent lens.

The Hippie Market Vintage

A travelling vintage and handmade market taking over Downtown Toronto with over hundreds of vendors selling “sustainable,” “handmade” and “upcycled” merchandise.

The silently loud streets of Toronto

A compilation of pictures that capture the hidden essence and unappreciated beauty of the city of Toronto, Canada. These shots are candid, minimalistic, present and not thought out. Sometimes that’s all photography’s about, what’s “in the moment.”

Humans of Toronto

People. Complicated, simple, sad, grieving, angry, happy, hurt, anxious, emotions you can never tell. Everyone is leading different yet similar lives, messy feelings yet perfectly masking them, holding baggage yet having the strength to smile, inspires me. You never know what someone walking down the street goes through, does, thinks, and that to me is beautiful. Every beating heart is a block of clay and every emotion we feel is the clay itself, waiting to be carved into a sculpture that makes “sense” in this broken world.

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