“I only write because there is a voice within me that will not be still, ” I always have goosebumps when I read Sylvia Plath’s works, however this one made me shed a tear. I vividly remember that one day, when I hit rock bottom but had no one to confide in and all I could see was a dusty, old diary with a black ink pen on the floor. That was the first time I wrote a poem. The first time I realized I have a voice. The voice of poetry.

From that day on, I kept writing one piece everyday. It did not matter if it was incomplete or well finished, because sometimes the unfinished stories cast a spell over you better than a well polished one ever could. An unfortunate incident led me to discover the hidden Shakespeare in me. Now, I have over hundred finished works which include poems, travelogues, articles and fictional stories.

Here’s a message to everyone reading this, don’t quit. Whatever be the reason, whatever be the circumstance, whatever be the situation, hold on. It will hurt, it may scar you but one day when you will have become someone, you will look back and thank your young self for not surrendering to the cruel forces of failure.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude and thank you for being here. Now, much further ado, lets you and I wander into these woods and never come back out…

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