Under my dead body

Chase me and I’ll outrun you, hold me close and I’ll break free, stab me and I’ll come back to life, haunt me and I’ll rest in peace, kiss me and I’ll feel nothing, look into my eyes and I’ll walk away, hold my hand and I’ll be liberated, undermine me and I’ll rise aboveContinue reading “Under my dead body”

I should’ve.

I should’ve hugged you a bit longer.  I should’ve kissed your delicate lips for a few more seconds.  I should’ve comforted you more than I think I did.  I should’ve kept your tee on all the time.  I should’ve bought your perfume and sprayed it all over my clothes.  I should’ve held your hand moreContinue reading “I should’ve.”

A Stolen Body

A world left behind a world entered. Who knew time could play tricks on my fragile little mind? Be careful, stay strong, you’re about to enter a world, self – centred. People aren’t exactly known to be concerned and kind.  You’ll find some exceptions, a bunch defying the injected serum, keep them close, let yourContinue reading “A Stolen Body”