Into the Moors

Safe haven. I resided, I believed. mistaken or disappointed? This is getting worse. I am unable to breathe. A cold wave hits the shore but I crave warmth. Lights fade, visions blurred, stars fall. out for help, and in desperation, to you i call. Follow me into the cave. intrigued emotions, disappearing faces. Let meContinue reading “Into the Moors”

Over me, Cascade.

A million days, a million nights,  A hundred thousand beautiful sights. Counting days, counting hours,  Indulging in our lowest devours. Walking hand in hand, kissing like there’s no tomorrow, sadly we didn’t know, here’s where the world ends, drenched in our own sorrow. Hands shake, acquaintances made, laughs shared and bodies collide, in a worldContinue reading “Over me, Cascade.”